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(Pass Manchac Lighthouse)
Holding fast against the storms of life
bearing the light for the wayward soul who has temporarily lost their way,
the old structure leans and sways
and the powerful and beautiful waves pound the base upon which the light is borne on high.
As a servant of the Light, it dutifully battles against the dark
until the last tipping stone is washed asunder.
And having run the good race and found its place
under the sun
it goes the way of every flower of the grass.

"PERSEVERANCE" is an allegorical work... and it is perhaps too easy to realize the metaphorical mast
with its flailing rigging and darkened lights jutting above the sunken vessel, as being
symbolic of the Cross. And the hope of Spirit that such Belief begets, when temporal darkness
prevails, and there is none other to be found. It also lends visual support to the leaning tower.

This painting is dedicated to a child of long ago, Ethelyn Dobson; or more so, her acts, which define her
character and lend power to that name. Otherwise, like us all, just another name, when centuries and
millennia are past. Yet, this child, who lived not far from the lighthouse, and who braved the powerful
storm of 1915 and was found by rescuers, hanging from the rafter of a railroad car that was washed 3000
feet into the marsh; and hanging for an hour, with her lifeless 2 year old brother in her unfailing
grasp. Dedication, perseverance and willpower... in service to the Light of Love.

Our lives are fraught with many storms, and that young girl surely bore the wounds of that horrific
darkness for decades on end. And not to her edification, but ours. And those that knew her pain, may
have questioned the wisdom of God, and lamented her tragic fate. Yet, if, in That Day, our faith and
fondest hope is found true... then our sacrifices and pain become worthwhile, if not glorious; and the
fires that forge our character become as beautiful as the waves that topple the lighthouse.

"Bocage Plantation"

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"Lake Audubon"

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