Artist Statement

 As a person first and an artist second, if there is anything of real value, other than beautiful images, that I might offer to those of you who deem my work worthy of your patronage, it is a profound belief that there is much much more to our world than we normally perceive.

 Using the skills of my trade, I resign to bear witness, even homage, as I seek to acquire such a vision and dutifully communicate it in my painting. I believe that we must all daily strive against the forces of normality which tend to hypnotize and lull our greater vision into the depths of the mundane.

 I consider my best work to be an expression of my own struggle to remind myself, and my collectors, that this sublime vision eternally beckons and offers a temporary respite as we journey through the wondrous terrain of human experience.

 It is relatively easy for any of us to pursue the worthy folly of fine craftsmanship, imitating the delicate forms of magnolias or the wild, raw and mysterious beauty of swamplands or the orderly symmetrical and stately antebellum homes that spring froth out of such chaotic beauty.

 It is not so easy to look through the astounding imagery, on past the horizon of romantic idealism and perhaps even sour beyond the nostalgic yearning that good art evokes, to that higher vision where “all things re pure.”

 For those who share the hope and bear the burdon of struggle toward such a vision, it is my hope and intent that my work, aside from its aesthetic value, might serve to be little mort than a string around your finger.

 I thankfully and humbly accept your support and offer my own, in that I pledge to the best of my ability, not only to create well crafted images, but to relentlessly strive (like I have a choice) to perceive and communicate that greater vision. A lofty goal for any of us, but it does make for an interesting life.

Peace and Prosperity,